Wedding Makeup


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 Your day would not be complete without a professional makeup artist spending time with you to help complete your bridal look. A trial is recommended before the actual event to clarify exactly what is needed for your look on your wedding day.

Our skin often reflects what’s happening inside of our minds and bodies. Brides-to-be find this especially true the days leading up to their wedding when the pre-wedding anxiety sets in and ‘stressed’ skin, acne, or blemishes can surface. My experience as a makeup artist and goal is to camouflage these imperfections without the look of being heavily made-up.LARGE_jen&traviswedding1-photobyseancapshaw

Your wedding photos should reflect what a special and glorious occasion your big day was. It shouldn’t be a reminder of how you wish you would have hired an experienced makeup artist. My goal is to not only ensure your makeup reflects your individual personality and the style of your wedding, but to also create a stress-free environment which YOU need. You will look forward to seeing yourself look beautiful and flawless in your wedding photos.