Portrait Makeup

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Portraits are used for many different reasons. Whether it’s a glamour shot for a modeling portfolio or a family photo that will become a cherished heirloom, the individual needs to apply the right kind of makeup in the proper amount.

Glamour portraits typically employ a makeup artist to apply makeup to the model. The makeup artist needs to communicate with the customer to figure out the look that is desired by the indidivual. They can then begin to interpert the desired look and recreate the look with the makeup at their disposal.

Overall, in any portrait, the face of the individual is the main focus and the high definition cameras of today are going to pick up every detail of the individual’s face. In order to get the best results, the makeup needs to be applied well, natural and clean. Certain lighting can wash out the makeup, but adding more makeup is not the way to go. Too much makeup will end up looking fake and caked on.

The happiness of the client is of the utmost importance and using a professional makeup artist will ensure the client feels pampered as well as comfortable during the process. Overall, the makeup artist knows how to adapt in any photo situation and has the ability to achieve many different looks